University of Massachusetts Lowell 生物医学工程博士招生

  • Ph.D. position in image-based FSI and machine learning

    A new Ph.D. position (fall 2020 and spring/fall 2021) is available in the department of biomedical engineering at UMass Lowell, for research and development of (medical) image-based fluid-structure interaction modeling with machine learning to advance the frontiers of personalized medicine (involving surgery, intervention, and medical devices). the pi's current research thrusts can be found in the following links: researchgate or googlescholar.

    • a bachelor or equivalent degree in engineering (mechanical, biomedical, and aerospace), applied mathematics, or related fields. applicants with a master’s degree are preferred.
    • solid understanding of numerical methods, fluid dynamics, and solid mechanics. applicants with previous experience in biomechanics (biofluid and/or biosolid mechanics) are preferred.
    • excellent programming and analytical skills.

    The graduate research assistantship includes a monthly stipend and tuition.
    Interested students should send the following items to with a“Ph.D. Application” in the subject line.
    • curriculum vitae
    • personal statement (including, research interests)
    • contact information for three references

  • 管理员

    I have a quick glimpse of your latest work titled Framework for Planning TMVR using 3-D Imaging, In Silico Modeling, and Virtual Reality. Looks interesting. I am aware that more and more ppl are using CFD as a tool to do investigation. BTW, I can distribute this message by CFD界. However, to distribute such message the annual stipend/tuition should be known. If you can provide such information, I would be happy to distribute the message there.

    This year must be difficult due to the pandemic, also for the enrollment. :quwan:

  • @李东岳 Thanks! Dongyue! It was a headache for enrolling students and teaching under pandemic. Anyhow, the semester is almost done. The Stipend is 35326 USD and the Tuition is 8000 USD.

    Also, I followed quite closely with your WeChat group. Are you going to show us the best Workstation specs for CFD? :)

    Thanks and I am very grateful to be in this community!

  • 管理员

    @zlwei Hello Alan, yes, I agree that enrolling is very tough under pandemic, especially there, I talked with some other groups in States, They also have such problems. I can distribute your message in my wechat media. Please send related info in Chinese to my Email:, then I can announce it. Regarding the workstation, let me get back to you by Email

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